FLoC demo

⚠️ The initial FLoC origin trial ended on July 14th 2021.

This demo will keep trying to get your browser's cohort for a few seconds, then give up.

You will need to use Chrome 89 or above run with flags:


This browser's FLoC cohort id is...

This browser's FLoC cohort version is...

Troubleshooting the demo

If the demo doesn't work as expected, make sure of the following:

• You're using Chrome 89 or above.
• You're running Chrome with the flags described above using one of the methods described on chromium.org.
• You don't have chrome://settings/privacySandbox disabled.
• You don't have an adblocker or a similar app/extension running.
• You're not in Incognito mode.

Reloading the page may also work, if for some reason getting the cohort was slow.

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